TAAQ Supports Townsville Bushfire Victims

The Thai-Australian Association of Queensland Inc., has reached out to lend their support to Torng and Scott Elliott after losing their home in the Cape Cleveland, Townsville, bush fire.

The Thai-Australian Association of Queensland Inc., has raised the issue amongst the community, seeking their support and have also donated $1250 to support the couple.

Please donate from your heart to the Thai and Australian family that have lost their house from the bush fire in Townsville. The couple are currently living in caravan from the support of a kind friend.


Message from Scott Elliott:

“Dear Facebook friends,
As many of you are probably aware our home of 21 years has been totally destroyed by a bushfire. I would never normally consider asking for this kind of help but my situation is desperate & it similarly worked for a friend of mine who was once in desperate straits.
While all the offers so far of help & items have been truly wonderful, appreciated & much needed, it can’t change the fact that I/we have lost 21+ years of hard toil & the only way to quickly get back on our feet is cold hard cash. I hope that those of you who have been Facebook friends long enough to know I would never do this except in most desperate need can help if possible.
Donations can be sent to following bank account:

Bank details below again for those wonderful people who asked . Love you all.

SD T Elliott
Westpac Bank
Flinders st, Townsville.
Branch 734 222
Account number: 690302
Note: for those banks requiring an 11-character SWIFT code,